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The Scribe's Daughter

"I never imagined my life would end this way.  Not today.  And certainly not in this place.  Yet here I was.  It was midday, and had I the ability to tilt my face toward the sky I would have been blinded by the early summer sun, a silent observer of my murder.  As it was, I could do no such thing.  The beefy arm around my throat immobilized me, and as I clawed at it ineffectively, I felt my life drain away bit by bit, with each unsuccessful gasp for air."

"I was drawn into Kassia’s world from the very first page, wanting to know more about this courageous, stubborn, sardonic young woman and the dangers she faced.    Readers of fiction set in the Middle Ages will feel right at home in Kassia’s kingdom." -- Sharon Kay Penman, Sunne in Splendour, Here Be Dragons


“An entertaining, page-turning read.  If I was an editor building a list of my own authors for a publishing house, I'd offer for this one for my fantasy list.”

-- Elizabeth Chadwick, The Greatest Knight, The Scarlet Lion


"The Scribe's Daughter... is an exciting tale from the first page to the last. As I read the book I felt like it was a historical fiction body of work with some fantasy added in, The Scribe's Daughter has something for fans of either genre." -- Amazon Review


"a well-crafted novel with some surprisingly beautiful prose...  a Cinderella story with a few twists." -- Amazon Review